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Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating & Air Conditioning

Are you cool, or are you interested in one of the hottest careers in our area?

Students enrolled in the Heating & Air Conditioning program gain technical and hands-on skills in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning/refrigeration (HVAC/R) field.

During the first year, students focus on safety, basic electricity, gas and electric heating, the basic refrigeration cycle, and soldering/brazing techniques.

During the second year, students advance to commercial refrigeration design, heat pumps, system design/installation, and troubleshooting. 

Heating and Air Conditioning Careers:
* Residential and Light Commercial Installer
* Residential and Light Commercial Service Technician
* Environmental Controls
* Refrigeration Specialist
* Systems Designer
* HVAC Salesperson

Heating and Air Conditioning Certifications:
* OSHA-10
* EPA-Refrigerant Recovery Core & Level 1 Small Appliances Certification
* EPA-Refrigerant Recovery Core & Level 2 High Pressure Certification
* EPA-Refrigerant Recovery Core & Level 3 Low Pressure Certification
* EPA-Refrigerant Recovery Universal Certification
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