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Interactive Media

Interactive Media

Welcome to Interactive Media

This year Juniors in the Interactive Media Program will be learning about Photography and Graphic Design. Student’s will learn to use cameras to capture images, then edit and perfect those images using Adobe Lightroom. Students will learn Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign and have the opportunity to become Adobe Certified in each software suite. Students will put these applications to work as they learn the fundamentals of page layout and design, creating art for print and online distribution, and taking the first steps in developing a professional portfolio.

Seniors will build upon the work from year one and put it into motion. Second year students will learn about cinematography from preproduction through completion. In order to accomplish this, students will plan video productions, capture scenes using video recording equipment, and edit those scenes into short videos using Adobe Premier Pro, an industry standard for non-linear editing. Seniors will spice up their productions with animated content produced with Adobe After Effects. Other topics studied will include the fundamentals of Web Design and Preparation to enter the workforce.

All students will have an opportunity to participate in the Business Professionals of America and SkillsUSA. They will also be eligible for early job placement, and we will help them develop a professional portfolio for presentation to potential employers or college admissions officers.

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