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Business Management

Business Management

Program Overview

Students enrolled in this program will experience the world of business. They will assume the role of small business owner/manager for hands-on experience in the business venture of their choice. Students also work in the student-ran store, CTC Shop.  Through this venture, students learn marketing, customer relations, profit and banking concepts.  All proceeds from store are used for program activities and scholarships for program seniors. 

To assist them in the day to day functions of business, students will become proficient in word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, and database management using Microsoft Office. Through an articulated agreement with Shawnee State University, students have testing out options for college class credit. 

Business Management—Mrs. Brown’s Region Winners 2019

*Advancing to State—12 students

Small Business Management Team—1st Place

Stacy Bellaw*

Kaitlan Havens*

Caitlin Mullins*

Alexandria Umphries*

Administrative Support Research Project—1st Place

Tyanna Turner*

Interview Skills—2nd Place

Caitlin Mullins

Extemporaneous Speech—2nd Place

Savannah Morris

Integrated Office Applications

Alyssa Jenkins—2nd*

Advanced Word Processing

Alexes Grooms—1st*

Chasiddy Stiff—2nd*

Kearstin Havens—3rd*

Kristiana McDaniel—5th

Heather Taylor—6th

Shalee Gray—7th

Haley Mosley—9th

Alyssa Jenkins—10th

Intermediate Word Processing

Lexie Daniels—1st—declined for state

McKenzie Waddle—2nd*

Emily Sparks—3rd*

Haley Trimble—4th*

Mary Tong—8th

Katelin Havens—9th

Fundamental Word Processing

Brooklyn Daniel—4th

Beronica Logan—6th Place

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

McKenzie Waddle—5th

Chasiddy Stiff—9th

Administrative Support Team—4th

Alexes Grooms

Shalee Gray

Kristian McDaniel

Heather Taylor

Articulation Agreement

Through an articulated agreement with Shawnee State University, Business Management Program students may receive up to 15 college credits.  These credits can save the student over $4,000 in tuition and fees.  College credits are for the following classes:
  • BUOA 1110 Beginning Document Processing
  • BUOA 1140 Word Processing
  • BUOA 1150 Spreadsheet Applications
  • BUIS 1010 Computer Applications
  • BUMB 2100 Management Concepts

Testing will be scheduled in spring for those students eligible.

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