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About Carpentry

Carpentry is a two year career and technical education program that provides hands-on experience. Students will acquire manipulative skills, safety procedures, judgment, technical knowledge, and related occupational information. This prepares students for a career in carpentry.

The junior year concentrates on entry level construction procedures and hand and power tool usage.

The senior year builds upon what was learned in the junior year and focuses on advanced construction practices. These practices include building a modular home for a local client. The Carpenters Union test is optional.

Lab Activities May Include:

  • Operation and Care of Hand Tools

  • Framing of Buildings

  • Interior & Exterior Finishing

  • Specifications & Blueprints

  • Estimating Building Materials

  • Form Buildings

  • Cost Accounting

  • Characteristics of Building Materials

  • Operation and Care of Power Tools

Instructor – Matt Day

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