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Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology

Are you interested in a career in engineering, or are you a problem solver?

Students enrolled in the Engineering Technology program acquire complex knowledge with hands-on, team-oriented experiences that prepare them to enter the workforce or advance their education to the college level.

First year students focus on electricity, electronics, robotics, computer-aided drafting and design (CADD), and 3D Printing.

During the second year, students gain experience with CNC machines, computer hardware, 3D design, programmable logic, and industrial motor control.

Engineering Technology Careers:
* Engineering Technician
* Maintenance Technician
* Quality Technician
* Process Engineer
* Engineering Associate
* Mechanical Design
* Associate R&D Engineer
* Electronics Technician
* Electronics Assembler
* Cyber Security
* CNC Operator
* CADD Operator
* Game Design

Engineering Technology Certifications:
* OSHA-10
* MSSC - Certified Production Technician
* Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
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