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Public Safety

Public Safety
 Instructor - Jason Foster


Pike County Career Technology Center

Public Safety Program Goals


The goals of the Criminal Justice Program are to:


1.     Develop Law and Public Safety competences in the following areas in order to prepare students for gainful employment in entry level jobs of security, corrections, and Public Safety Agencies.


=        Law and Public Safety Core Body of Knowledge

=        Criminal Justice Pathway

=        Forensic Science Pathway

=        Fire Science Pathway

=        Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic Pathway

=        Legal Careers Pathway

=        Oral, written, and computer communication skills


2.     Develop student competency in the Academic Skill area of English, Communications, and Social Studies. The competencies will help students to enter and advance in the Law and Public Safety Field.


3.     Develop employability and entrepreneurship competencies that will enable students to enter and advance in a changing workplace.


4.     Provide opportunities for the development of competencies needed by individuals in the Law and Public Safety field through participation in Vocational Student Organizations to better learn leadership, citizenship, and shared responsibility activities.

The Public Safety program teaches the student a variety of aspects of the criminal justice field including the criminal trial process, techniques in police work, dispatch and the duties of a corrections officer and a crime scene investigator. Lab activities may include officer/violator contacts, defensive tactics, crime scene investigations, behavioral science, criminal law, trial process and firearms safety.

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