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Public Safety

Public Safety

Public Safety

Are you interested in law enforcement, fire-fighting, or becoming an EMT?

Students enrolled in the Public Safety program will gain knowledge and skills necessary for entrance into various public safety and government organizations.

First year students begin by being introduced to the demanding career of law enforcement, learning policing techniques, 911 dispatch, and corrections.      

In their second year, students will study fire science, learning about fire suppression, life safety, building design, hoses and streams, and rescue techniques.

Public Safety Careers:
* Law Enforcement
* Investigator
* Loss Prevention
* Crime Lab Technician
* Security
* Military
* Corrections
* Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic
* Ambulette Driver
* 911 Dispatcher
* Firefighter
* Fire and Insurance Inspector
* Safety Inspector

Public Safety Certifications:
* OSHA-10
* CPR/First Aid
* National Incident Management System (NIMS) Certification                                   
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