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South Region Pre-Service School Bus Training Program

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School Bus Driver Training Program

Ohio’s Preservice School Bus Driver Training Program is designed to train those who have never driven a school bus with students on board. The program, which uses current techniques and methods of operating a school bus under the Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules enacted by the State Board of Education, fosters good habits that will last throughout the bus driver’s career. Upon completion of the course, the successful driver will receive a certificate of completion for the Preservice School Bus Driver Training Course that is valid for six years. The valid certificate is required for any individual to legally operate a school bus in Ohio in addition to other requirements as set forth in administrative rule, law, and local employer’s requirements. 

  •  Nearly 80% of Ohio school children ride school buses daily. 
  •  Nearly 15,000 buses travel over 1 million miles each day that school is open. 

Our goal at the South Region Preservice Office is to strive to provide up-to-date guidance, assistance and training to all transportation personnel within our 12 county region, while focusing on compliance and transporting Ohio’s students at the highest level of safety.  

South Region Preservice is located at:


Pike County Career Technology Center (Pike JVSD)

175 Beaver Creek Road, Piketon, Ohio 45661

(in the District’s Board Office Area)



For any questions or more information please contact:

Marvin Pennington, South Region Pre-Service Instructor
 (740) 289-4243 ext 1103 ~ Cell (740) 352-3386
Mary Conley, Preservice Office Assistant
(740) 289-4243 ext. 1114

BUSTER THE BUS - If you would like to schedule BUSTER for a visit to your
school district please contact Mary at [email protected].               

Teach Safety in a fun way, BUSTER THE BUS

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