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About Us

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can attend the Pike County Career Technology Center?

The Pike County CTC serves sophomore, junior, and senior high school students from 4 partner schools, as well as local community schools. 


How do I apply?

Simply complete the Pike County CTC Student Application for admission. This may be obtained from our website, our informational brochure, or from your home school counselor. 

Please return the form to your home school guidance counselor and they will forward it the Pike County CTC.


What if I have credit deficiencies?

Students applying to the CTC are required to have a minimum amount of academic credits in alignment with their academic year. Credit make-up courses are scheduled for students, on an individual basis, while enrolled in a CTC program.


When will I find out if I have been accepted to the Pike County CTC?

Acceptance letters will be mailed to each new student in April.


What is the daily schedule at the Pike County CTC?

Students attend the Pike County CTC from 8:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. each day. The school day consists of 2 ½ hours of hands-on career / technical program training, English, Science, Math, Social Studies and Elective classes. 


Will I see my schedule before school starts?

Before school starts, all sophomores and juniors are invited to attend our new student orientation. They will be able to walk around the campus, talk with instructors and find their classrooms. Seniors will receive their schedule on the first day of school. 


Will I earn my high school diploma from the Pike County CTC?

Students can earn seven (7) credits each year at the Pike County CTC. Students receive their high school diplomas from their partner high school. Upon completion of a career / technical program, a student must have good grades, good attendance and demonstrate the technical competencies.  Students will receive a career technical certificate upon completion of their chosen field.  A student will also receive a portfolio from the Pike County CTC which displays a profile of both their professional and personal accomplishments. This portfolio is called a Career Passport.


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