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Bullying Policy and Reports


Students are to refrain from any act of sexual harassment with other students or staff members.  Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advance by any means that may include, but not restricted to:  verbal, written, physical or electronic messaging.      
   Harassment/intimidation  may include, but not be restricted to, any action that creates a hostile environment, such as inappropriate jokes, comments regarding physical attributes, or using indecent gestures. Students are not permitted to videotape or photograph any student/academic activities on school property, or at school events, without administrative preauthorization.  
   Bullying and intimidation is prohibited.  This includes insulting, demeaning, threatening, disparaging, taunting, bullying, or challenging another, or to otherwise engage in any form of intimidation, by word or deed, when the purpose or effect is to unreasonably interfere with a student or group of student’s performance in school, or to create a hostile, disruptive, or offensive school environment, or to otherwise adversely impact upon a student’s educational opportunities.
    Students who feel they have been discriminated against, bullied, intimidated, or harassed should contact Miss Kim Conley or Mr. Pete Lambert, Title IX Coordinators, to address their grievances.
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