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Mr. McDonie teaches Geometry, Trigonomometry, and PreCalculus. He has a Bachelors degree in Science with a a first concentration in mathematics, second concentration in Physics, and third concentration in Chemistry.    He also holds a Masters degree in mathematics.   He is currently in his eleventh year as an instructor at the Pike County CTC.

Geometry is offered to juniors or seniors who have already received a credit in Algebra I.   A problem-solving approach is used in the class so as to relate to the vocational program of study.   Students are given much individual instruction as well as group instruction. Students are encouraged to participate in class and to ask question when help or further explanation is needed. Mr. McDonie has been teaching geometry for ten years.

Trigonometry is offered to juniors or seniors who have received credits in Algebra I, Algebra II, and geometry.   Trigonometry is treated as a college preparatory course.   In addition to traditional instruction, the students complete projects and  incorporate the use of technology to solve real world problems. Graphing calculators are used throughout the entire course and students are encouraged to use Microsoft Powerpoint when presenting projects (although it is not required). Mr. McDonie has been teaching Trigonometry for nine years.

PreCalculus is offered to seniors who have received credits up through Trigonometry.   Although the course is credited as PreCalculus, much of the curriculum is aligned with Shawnee State University’s Calculus I and Calculus II courses. Students take an analytical and a graphical approach to solving calculus-related problems.   Classes are small and informal (there are fourteen students this year making this  the largest precalculus class since it has been offered at the CTC). Average class size over the past eight years has been under ten students.  This allows for lots of individualized instruction. 

Below are powerpoint notes given for the Geometry and Trigonometry Courses.  Powerpoint is a useful program for presenting instruction in a visual and animated format.  Most of the Geometry and Trigonometry course is taught with the use of powerpoint.  Mr. McDonie hopes to have the PreCalculus course notes on powerpoint in the near future.  You will need to have Microsoft Powerpoint installed to view notes.
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