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English III: Our focus this year will be studying American literature in chronological order to understand how history has affected the thoughts and ideas of the key authors of each time period. We will also practice our writing abilities through responses to various questions on this literature, as well as activities that allow us to ensure that we write paragraphs in correct format and address all of the questions in a writing prompt.


This month:  English III will begin reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  We will be creating various projects at the end of the novel, which will allow for individual expression and creativity.

English IV:  English IV will focus on writing various types of pieces, including narratives or stories, essays, and persuasive speeches. They will also create a career passport with a resume, cover letter and recommendations. We will finish the year with a research paper as a capstone project.


This month:  English IV will be creating persuasive arguments in essay form, as well as those used for a classroom debate.  

Bio:  Mrs. Rauber received her Bachelor in English from The Ohio State University. She then studied education and received a teaching license from Ashland University. She currently teaches English III and IV and is working on obtaining her Master of Education degree from Ashland University.  This is her third year at Pike County CTC.

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