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Pike County Career Technology Center District Profile


Pike County CTC Student Services

The Pike County CTC is committed to serving the students of Pike County to achieve their fullest potential in their career field. Services are provided for academic, career, and personal counseling. The student services office maintains communication with parents, school personnel, and families.


Recruitment/ Enrollment:

Each year the CTC conducts tours of all the programs and follows-up with a hands-on day for a more in-depth experience of the programs of interest to the student. Students may then submit an application with their top three choices for consideration for enrollment. Students are notified by mail of their program acceptance. Students and families may also attend the annual open house during vocational education week in February.


Credit Make-up:

Students that are credit deficient have the opportunity to make-up courses they have failed in order to meet the necessary requirements for high school graduation.


Standardized tests:

All students at the Pike County CTC are administered the Ohio Department of Education end of course state tests required for graduation as well as the ACT exam now required for high school juniors. In addition, the Pike County CTC students take career-technical exams in their program field (Webxam). The CTC also offers students the opportunity to take the military ASVAB test in their junior and senior year.


College Credit Plus:

The Pike County CTC will be offering academic courses for College Credit Plus in 2017-18 in conjunction with Southern State University. Eligible student can take a course and earn high school and college credit.

National Technical Honor Society:

Senior students at the Pike County CTC have the opportunity to be inducted into the National Technical Honor Society which recognizes the achievements of students enrolled in vocational education programs. Membership is based upon the student’s junior and senior years at the CTC. Requirements are; a 3.5 GPA and 95% attendance for two years. Students are given a silver sash to be worn at their home school graduation ceremony and are eligible for scholarship opportunities thru the NTHS.


Career Passports:

All students completing their two year program of study will be provided a career passport which serves as a conduit for future career opportunities.


Award Ceremonies:

Students are recognized for their achievements at a school wide quarterly assembly and a final award ceremony for seniors and their families in May.


Scholarships and Financial Aid:

The Pike County CTC student services office maintains an on-going list of scholarship opportunities available to CTC seniors. Current lists, and applications may be picked up in the student services office. Information is also provided for financial aid (FAFSA) as well as a workshop provided to families and students.


Industry Credentials:

Engineering Technologies 

 OSHA 10    
 C-Tech Cabling  
 CT2 College Credit
Digital Electronics, DC Circuits, CADD  

Public Safety
 National Incident Management System 100   4 points 
 National Incident Management System 700   4 points
 OC Pepper Spray Certification 1 point
 OC/Pepper Spray - Occupational Safety & Health Administration (10 hr) 1 point
 OSHA 10 Certification  
 NCCER Core - Assessment (CH 89)
 NFPA&E Safety Training
 Ohio State Fire Alarm License Exam
 NCCER Level 1 Assessment
Food Service
 ProStart 9
 ServSafe 3
Patient Care Technologies/Pre-Nursing
 Ohio STNA
IT/Administrative Professionals

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